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Vitamins and Supplements I Take During Pregnancy

I can’t even being to explain how important supplements are during pregnancy. It’s almost impossible to get every nutrient you and your baby need through all of the food you eat (on top of your crazy weird cravings). Because of this, I wanted to break down exactly what I take, when and why I take it to help you and your baby grow the best you can!

Of course consult with your doctor before taking all of these I’m about to list. I’m not a doctor, but I did consult with mine before I began taking all of this and she has given me the green light! So without further or do let’s talk about it. PS: You can click the link at the bottom of the article for links to all the supplements found on Bowmar Nutrition and Amazon.

  • Morning: (Around 5:30AM - 7AM depending on the day) So first thing in the morning, even before becoming pregnant, I take a Probiotic (from Bowmar Nutrition), eat breakfast, and have my morning drink. I did take Melt out of my morning drink after consulting more about it with my doctor, so keep that in mind, but I’ll link my morning drink blog post here, so we don’t waste time talking about that. Breakfast has been pretty steady throughout my pregnancy because my mornings have been so early - either protein oatmeal (oats, protein powder, water as base) or an English muffin with protein nut butter. I need carbs to settle my stomach and protein because that needs to be in every meal. I’ll post a blog post about meals during pregnancy soon.

  • Post workout: (Around 9:30 or 10 AM) I will eat again and it’s usually something like a breakfast taco with scrambled eggs and bacon or a smoothie. Either way I will always drink a protein shake. It’s so hard to hit a high protein goal without a protein shake which has about 20 grams of protein in it (minimum). I use the Bowmar Nutrition Vegan protein with 8 oz of almond milk and like 1/2cup of water then take my morning vitamins which include:

    • Bowmar Nutrition Prenatal (2 capsules)

    • Vitamin B Complex (1 capsule)

    • Calcium (1 capsule)

    • Omega Complex (2 capsules in the morning and 2 in evening)

    • Vitamin D3 (1 capsule)

    • CoQ10 (1 capsule)

    • Vitamin C (2 capsules)

Click HERE to find the vitamins on Amazon.

  • After Lunch: (noonish) I try and keep my caffeine intake to less than 200 mg per day. My morning drink has 75 mg from the sharp nootropic mix in it. If I hadn’t slept well that night, I would take a short nap if I had time before my coaching sessions. Then, in the afternoon I need an extra pick me up which is usually another scoop of the sharp nootropic mix or one of the RTD Cans of sharp (100mg of caffeine). I like this caffeine because it’s easy on my blood pressure and I usually need some extra help focussing in the afternoon. I then would take a protein snack of some sort (meat stick, collagen coffee cake, etc.)

  • After Dinner: (7pm) We eat dinner around 5:30 or 6 usually. It makes it easier for me to not snack as much before or after, but also leaves time to have dessert if I wanted it and it not be too late. The supplements I take after dinner are:

    • Omega Complex (2 capsules)

    • Magnesium (2 Capsules)

    • Fiber Drink ( I found the fiber drink in the evening helps me to feel better in the morning rather than it hit me in the middle of the day)

  • Other supplements I will include randomly throughout my day are:

    • Essential Amino Acids + Collagen: This is a great cocktail to have in the afternoon to help curve cravings especially during pregnancy. Both of these supplements are found at Bowmar Nutrition. I love the Guava EAAs with the Watermelon Collagen! So good!! The collagen is a wonderful source of biotin and added with the EAAs completes the protein to help with you protein goal. It’s also suggested to help with muscle cramps and recovery.

Click HERE to follow the link to all supplements you can buy off of Amazon.

Click HERE for the unique Bowmar Nutrition supplements. When you order make sure you use my code LIBBY because it will take 10% off your order!

I hope this helps while you try to give you and your baby all the nutrients you can while you’re growing him/her. I wish you so much luck and love mama! You are doing so wonderful already. I cannot wait for you to witness the miracle of what your body is capable of!



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