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My "Morning Drink" Breakdown

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

My “Morning Drink”

Are you looking for a way to supercharge your mornings? I’ve posted about my “morning drink” concoction for what feels like forever… And let me tell you, it’s been a game changer for me. It feels like it’s a secret potion I have that makes me just feel like a better human. It is a mix of 5 different carefully formulated supplements from Bowman Nutrition that are designed to support metabolism and brain function, giving you the energy and mental clarity you need to tackle your day.

I’m linking each of them (click the underlined word to get to the page), but when you order make sure you use my code LIBBY because it will take 10% off your order! (If you’re reading this between July 21-30th Bowmar Nutrition is having a major Christmas in July sale that will take even more off of these products.)

So here they are:

Greens: This powder is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. I drink it to help improve my digestion, protect my body from free radicals, provide a natural boost of energy. It’s convenient and ensures that I’m filling in those nutritional gaps from veggies that I may not eat that day! - Greens put more emphasis on improving gut and digestive health, decreasing bloating, as well as enhancing immune function while…

Reds and Purples: provide a different micronutrient profile than Greens and contain added digestive enzymes. They specifically focus on inhibiting free radical production, improving cellular health (cell’s daily functions required to maintain life), enhancing blood flow, and aiding in digestive health. So paired together you get literally all the things you need to get your body working at it’s best!

Melt: stimulates stubborn fat loss with 22 clinically proven ingredients formulated to enhance metabolic health, increase fat mobilization, and boost your body’s ability to oxidize fat. I’m not looking to lose fat while pregnant, however, to keep my metabolism kicking, the digestive system “regular” I continue to drink this while pregnant just without the caffeine. It’s helped me with my pregnancy cravings and keep my diet under control!

Sharp: a powerful nootropic that works with your natural brain chemistry to improve mental focus and clarity, enhance concentration, and support healthy brain function. “Brain food”

Immunity: loaded with Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and other vital antioxidants that help with keeping your immune system up! There’s really never a bad time to drink this. This day in age, it’s better to have more of these in your body than not enough. It’s so easy to just add to any drink!

And sometimes Glutamine: the amino acid that does it all with just ONE pure ingredient. Glutamine is formulated to promote a healthy lifestyle by preventing muscle breakdown, strengthening the body’s immune defenses, and improving digestive health.

I know many of these might sound like they do somewhat of the same thing, but they really do have their unique benefits that when paired together do something amazing for your body!

What I do is just fill up a big shaker bottle with water and ice, add all of these in the shaker bottle and shake it really good - sometimes after a few sips I even add more water because the flavors together can be sort of sweet. 25oz is the sweet spot. I love to combine jelly bean melt, strawberry pineapple sharp, and blueberry lemonade immunity. Literally taste like a pink starburst! SO good!

During pregnancy I stick to the stimulant free melt and use the Sharp with caffeine to save a little caffeine for later in the afternoon. Of course talk to your doctor about any and all of these supplements before starting something new during pregnancy.

Start your day off right with this morning drink and feel the difference in your energy, focus, and overall wellbeing.

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