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Postpartum Around the House Pieces

I LOVED this request. I saw a reel the other day by @emilyvondy about the basket and bench era clothes and I freakin felt that! Like yes! I am in my - 4 same bras, 4 oversized tees and repeat leggings and sweats era! Do you feel me? 

I'm at this point where I don't want to have to think about what I'm going to wear, but I know I need to have some things that make me feel cute, are inexpensive, and evergreen. If I wear things that make me feel like sort of slob - I'm mentally going to feel that way all day. Just being honest. And we can't have that. So, when you have cute universal pieces that you can wear on repeat - it works out way better!

I wear the same 5 amazon pumping/nursing bras (with the occasional nice momcozy padded pumping bra when I’m feeling fancy) pretty much everyday when I’m not working out. They’re so comfortable,  I can just trust them to be reliable when I’m not sure when Luca wants to comfort feed, and I’m ready to go when it comes time to pump again. 


  • LAZY PUMPING BRA’S (You don’t need more than 5. You’ll literally just be wearing these over and over

  • NICE PUMPING BRA  (Unless you have to go to an office every day, you really don’t need but one or two of these to go out in public in)

  • WHITE TEE SHIRTS (White tee’s you love that make you happy because you don’t want to think about if they match with things and also the amount of spit up and milk you get on your tees is real - at least you don’t see it as much on white tees)

  • FLARE PANTS (If you want to look sort of put together, flair leggings are flattering and cute, but also comfy.) 

  • SWEAT SHORTS (Constantly being hot and cold, these are so great and still feel cute to me!)

I’m so excited to be launching my FIRST LINE of GLOW MAMA Tee’s and Sweatshirts! I am so passionate about my new brand Glow Mama - and there is just so much more to come from it! These are just the soft launch to something really really cool. I hope they remind you that you are always glowin’, not just when you’re pregnant! You keep your shine - and you’re never alone! I have been feeling that ever since I announced my pregnancy. I feel like mama’s just come together in support and they have been part of the Glow Mama brand experience for me! 

These pieces are what I’ve been wearing pretty much everyday to feel like I’m put together. Honestly, I don’t like to wear anything but white because if I get any spit up or breastmilk on me - you can’t see it! 

This is one of many, and I will have another post about these soon - but I’m excited to have YOU - a sweet interested friend and reader of my blog to see the sneak peek of the launch! 

Follow me on instagram to check out how I use these nursing bras as pumping bras! I saw it on IG first, but can’t find the post from where I saw it - so I just want to pass this on because it has helped me so much! 

I hope you find this helpful! If you’re pregnant, preparing for postpartum life - get you some large and XL tee’s and also checkout my postpartum must have’s post linked here. :) 

Keep glowin’ mama! 



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