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What’s In My Nursing Cart?

Is this extra? I mean I don’t know, but I will say after making this, I feel like I am SO ready and organized! This nursing cart truly feels like a little room service cart for all my nightly needs for when I am feeding or changing him in the middle of the night. This, along with my diaper bag and hospital bags, definitely got me excited - like packing up your backpack for the first day of school! So, I wanted to make this super easy for you to make to help get your excitement all ready for you too! These are my personal opinions and thoughts on this, because obviously I’m not a mom yet, but while I have the time to do these little “extra” things I figured why not! I will edit things if/when they don’t work out, but being more ready than less feels really good right now!

Nursing Cart: This 3 tiered cart seems the way to go for so many reasons!

  • You really need the 3 levels to keep things nice, prioritized, and organized. It just makes sense

  • Definitely needs wheels. I can just picture a bag or a box falling over in the middle of the night and being incredibly frustrated. Just gliding it over close to the bedside just seems nice.

  • Metal. Okay so I almost opted for the cheap plastic one, but I imagined the above happening to the plastic 3 tiered one too. Can you picture all of the items in there weighing just a little bit more than the cart for it to then tip over?! Ugh Makes me want to cry just thinking about it. EMOTIONS ARE HIGH PEOPLE!

So here are my thoughts on actually executing the nursing cart:

Tier 1: Small & Easy to Grab Things: The quick things that aren’t just easy to grab, but also easy to put back

  • Rechargeable night light

  • Personal Items: Lip care, hair ties, nipple treatment, facial spray, facial massager

  • Baby Needs: Pacifier, wipes to keep baby awake, gripe water/ baby meds

  • Burp Cloth

  • Electrolytes to put in water

  • Shaker bottle

  • Sleep book

Tier 2: Pump It Up: All things for pumping and feeding

  • Breast Pump

  • Pumping parts: I’ll be replacing them each night after I clean them, so nice to have an empty area to put them in each time

  • Pumping Bra: Idk what happens when it comes to pumping and nursing, but just like he needs an extra change of clothes I may need it too

  • Storage Bags & Marker: To keep Steven and I both organized I clipped a marker so I can mark the date and info on the bag immediately

  • Milk duct supplements: I want them to be available so in case this is an issue I can take them immediately

  • Extra Swaddle

Tier 3: Calm and Collected

  • Snacks: Midnight snacks - Popcorn for the lighter bites, Parm Crisps and Nuts for the savory crunch and healthy fats, Date bars (Larabars) for the protein and folate to help with breastfeeding

  • Cooling Gel Pads: I’ll keep these in the fridge until the evening.

  • Hand Sanitizing Wipes & Body Wipes: These are for the night sweats and cleaning. I may move these up, but they just fit well in this third one

  • Calm Bites: These are from Goli. They are just to help me calm down in the evening if I can’t go back to sleep and they taste so good.

Links to everything:

Supplements / Electrolytes: Discount Code: Libby

Goli Vitamins: Discount Code: Libster

Extra Thoughts:

  • Keeping a nursing pillow near the bed for obvious reasons.

  • Sound machine? I have a Hatch (linked here) but I’m not sure if i’ll have that in our room or just leave that to his nursery for naps

These are just my latest thoughts as I go into my last week and a half of pregnancy. Things are getting more real than ever! I hope you found this helpful or know someone who might :)

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