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Top 5 Reasons To Join Virtual Workouts

Who remembers "the year that must not be said" where we were not supposed to leave our homes, and those that wanted to workout had to go to IG Lives and Zooms? I know I do! Mainly because I was leading at least two a day, but for a few other reasons too...

I fell in love with training virtually during the spring of 2020. I was forced into it pretty much. I had never done a virtual workout before then, much less had more than 5 zoom meetings in my life. Everything I did was in person! Due to the circumstances, however, I was basically thrown in the ocean and had to figure out how to swim. Little did I know it was going to open a whole new door for me in the fitness world!

Here are my top 5 reasons I have a huge heart for virtual training, and how it changed my life:

  1. Progressions and Modifications: As a group fitness coach, I always tried to personalize members' experience while in the classroom - making sure each person was getting the best workout they could based on their level, but in a large group setting it's challenging to see who is needing help and who isn't. On Zoom I'm able to immediately check who needs modifications to an exercise because they're going to tell me. - they're going to be up on the screen, they can send a chat, or I can visually see them doing the exercise incorrectly so I can instantly help them! I can also see if the client(s) need a progression - they're advanced and rather than telling each person at a time I can give that progression to the group and they can decide if they're up for the challenge!

  2. Workout in Your Space: There was always the excuse of traffic, weather, you can't fit it into your schedule - well what's better than rolling out of the bed and turning on class? Working out in your own space cuts out the excuses, allows stay at home parents to make it work, cuts out the "I don't know anyone" and "I don't feel like talking to people" out of the subject and allows you to only reach out to people if you wanted to. You also don't have to cut your camera on if you don't want to. This also adds to the "efficiency" portion of this post, but we'll get to that later.

  3. Worldwide Community: Now for my extroverts... this one is for you. Something so cool about virtual workouts is that you can join in from anywhere! I have people from Canada, Australia, California, and Texas joining in on my live workouts everyday. Not only am I able to become more connected with people, but so do the members. Not only are you signing up for a workout, but you're signing up for the same commitment to your body as someone else 500 miles away from you - side by side you are working toward your goals. That to me is a beautiful thing.

  4. Limited Equipment: This right here is huge! I love virtual workouts because (personally) I make it work with what you have! No dumbbells? Grab some water bottles, wine bottles, bands. No bar? Pack a suitcase or hold your child or dog. There are ways to make the resistance portion work, but honestly - your body is a huge tool! I love to show how you can use your body, bands, towels and other household products to make your workouts effective. If you are looking for a good pair of bands tho - I use: and with code: LIBSTER you can save like 15%!

  5. Confidence and Efficiency: Two key words here in anyone's fitness journey. If you're just beginning your fitness journey, you may not feel comfortable going into a gym - believe you me even I get intimidated going into a new gym sometimes. And on top of that, going to the gym and going full force getting your full planned workout done under the time you need to is damn near impossible. However, HIIT workouts, man they do something special to my heart and mind, and most of the time it's done with limited equipment, on a mat, and I'm done in about 30 minutes. These workouts can be done in a time that works for anyones schedule - and because they are high intensity - they get the job done!

- Here's a little P.S. extra point for you here: it's also less expensive. If it's money that's stopping you from reaching your goals, there are ways to make it work. Virtual memberships are typical half of what it cost to join a group fitness gym!

I'd love for you to join my virtual class! With my code LIBBY you can try a class for FREE! You don't even need to put payment information in. See for yourself why I love it, and how it can fit into your lifestyle! I also offer videos on demand, so you can do the workouts you missed on your own time! Try all of that and more right here:

My schedule is:

Tuesday 7AM CST: Full Body HIIT

Thursday 7AM CST: Strength + Conditioning + Core

Saturday and/or Sunday 8:30 AM CST: HIIT + Core

Again - FREE class with code: LIBBY. Share with your friends who you think might want to join you. After all, workouts are way more fun together!

I hope I can see you on the screen someday! If you have any questions about training, never hesitate to reach out!

Keep shining your light!

- XOXO Lib

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