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Postpartum Must Haves/Dos

I HAD MY BABY! Wow … I can’t believe I'm saying that. Like I'm not pregnant anymore? It’s like such a wild thing to think about because the majority of this year was me being pregnant and figuring out pregnancy. Now here we are, talking postpartum! 2 weeks postpartum… Gosh does time fly.

I will be writing a post all about our birth story, Steven and I just want to film a video talking about it as well, so that’s going to take a bit longer to get up, but that’s coming! What I will say is that I had a mostly positive induction experience. This is my first pregnancy so I have nothing to compare it to, but my doctor mentioned that because of how I prioritized movement and health during my pregnancy, my recovery will be easier.

Postpartum life is a beautiful whirlwind of joy, exhaustion, learning, and just pure fun. Of course it’s come with challenges, and as a new mother, it’s a little overwhelming to navigate. However, with the help of some essential products and tips, the postpartum experience is smoother and more enjoyable than what some made it out to be. Preparing for this was sort of a guessing game, because how can you prepare for something you've never done before? But with the help of some wonderful friends and followers, along with some things I've realized I personally needed, here are some tips, products and tools that I would suggest for a comfortable and smooth postpartum experience.

Here is the full AMAZON list from my storefront:

Key Products:

Nursing Bras - these have been so great and are only like $8 a piece! You will be living in them whether you’re pumping or nursing. It just makes life so much easier.

Lanolin Nipple Cream - I have a few other organic products that are great, but my nipples cracked and hurt so bad the first few days while they were being “broken in” and THIS was what made them better.

Frida Mom Ice Pack Pads - If you get the postpartum box, a few will come in there, but let me tell you, you will want more. They feel so good, so I would just buy a whole box.

Frida Mom Boyshorts - I’m obsessed. If you get one product from here, I would say it’s these. They’re just perfect. They make you feel so much more comfortable whether you had a C-section or vaginal birth.

Bidet - Okay this is extra, the hospital will send you with a peri-bottle, and you can also get the upside down peribottle, but if you really want to go all out comfort, this saved me. It feels so good to just get a full on rinse down there. There are all sorts of feelings from itchiness and irritation to burning, and you just can’t really get a good wipe in so this helped me feel so much better.

Magnesium gummies - Mama I know you’re stressing, I know it’s tough to sleep or just relax in general. Your cortisol levels are through the roof, and you’re probably a little backed up down there too. These don’t knock you out when you’re trying to sleep, but they do help for rest and anxiety, and also bathroom breaks.

Here’s the link to my nursing cart Amazon storefront:

You can also watch the video here. I can now say that everything on this cart has been put to use, and it’s just one of the most convenient things for me at night.

I feel so prepared as I refill it back up knowing that either his burp cloths or clothes are there, or my hair ties and lip gloss. Plus the snacks…. THE SNACKS. I’m always hungry, and needless to say, I’ve had to refill that area too.


Breast pump - if you don’t already have one, I am currently using the Motif Luna (provided by insurance, very effective, rechargable, large) and the Baby Buddha (small, extremely portable, powerful, and effective). My discount code for Baby Buddha is: IAMTHELIBSTER

Belly wraps and comfy clothes - My belly wrap is from Bumpsuit. Everything on their site is very high quality. I love the belly wrap because it can be tightened so efficiently. I have some of their pieces - and my gosh I LOVE! I have a discount code with them as well: LIBBY


  • Take showers and enjoy your skincare routine. These things have made me feel like me. Your baby will sleep for 2 hours, and that is your time to either rest, clean, or take care of you. I know you may be tire, but at least a few of those nap times, do some things for you to feel good and cared for.

  • Stretch. It might just be some neck rolls or hip hinges on the bed, but those moments of extension will be so good for your back and body. Listen to your body, ask for massages, but don’t just be stagnant for weeks until your released (unless your doctor says to of course).

  • Fuel your body. Eat. Eat well. I’m not currently counting calories because I am always hungry right now, but I’m definitely fueling my body with good nourishing foods. I will be making a post on foods good for breastfeeding.

This is so much information, so before I get WAY too ahead of myself, I’m going to wrap this up for now, and post more on this series of suggestions, emotional and physical tips, food suggestions, and more coming up in the later blogs. If you like what you read, please share with a friend who might enjoy these suggestions. Of course comment with other suggestions and what else you might want to read!

Thank you so much for your support! I hope you found this helpful!



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