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Finding My Way - Thailand #2

When I first arrived in Bangkok, I was given my first suggestion. This was to find a girl named Kiana in this “Thong Lah” District of Bangkok. She would be waiting for me and wanted to show me around the city. I wasn’t even sure how to find this district, but when I found a map and searched for words that looked like they had the slightest possibility of sounding like "Thong Lah" then perhaps I’d head in that direction. It’s crazy to land in a city you’ve never been to, with a population of around 20 million people, and are in search of one person.

The test was to see if I could really do it. Of course if I was truly lost or in trouble people would help me find my way. This was not some sort of competition. This was simply a suggestion that would work out in my favor if I could complete the task. I don’t want to tell you too much because well, then the documentary wouldn’t be worth watching now would it? But, I will give you some clues about my trip, and let’s just say I’m pretty proud of myself on how I made this day happen. :)

This was my first Thailand insight in to how difficult it was going to be to communicate with others of a different culture, but we as humans have one thing in common. When we smile and express kindness, MOST people will be willing to do what they can to help you. I met a woman named Tuk who had a gentle heart and a willingness to do what she could to make my overwhelmed self feel welcomed. It was in a random coffee shop I took my first bite of authentic Thai food in Thailand - fish head and all. I will forever be grateful for Tuk.

Bangkok is a beautiful city. It’s a rush of traffic, food carts, and style. It’s almost like farmer’s entered into New York. You can go to the finest malls and buy roasted pork on a stick from a sweet woman who probably killed the pig herself and cooked it in front of you about a block down.

This first day was nuts. I saw more of that city than I could have dreamed. I traveled by taxi, bus, tuk-tuk, boat, and train. I drank from a coconut, started to learn a language my southern accent could barely handle, saw lanterns light up the sky, and ate a scorpion off of a stick! I walked through a market that gave me proof that Thai people would rather spend their life and money on “merit” to give up for what they believe in than anything else. I saw a man through noodles 6 feet in the air and catch them behind his back with flames burning on is wrist. And I ended the night in a ground breaking bar/ flower-shop that showed people are blooming from their traditional jobs and have courage to get follow their creativity.

I found my way to this adventure and got through it by making my my own path.

Life get's pretty interesting when we don’t quite know the standard way to go and have to get creative.

How do you think day 1 went for me? Well, I figured if this city had this much culture, then I couldn’t wait to see the entire country!

Stay tuned, friends! The next post will be out soon and so will the documentary! I am hoping to share the trailer with you soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy these posts!



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