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Let the Adventure Begin! Thailand # 1.

Here we are on the first adventure of this incredible experience. It is my first official day in Bangkok, and I am so ready to see what’s in store! The nerves are setting in because this experience is honestly what i’ve been dreaming of for so long!

For those that are wondering what I’m doing here exactly here it is in detail:

I applied to be the Local Traveler in Thailand through a company called DreamJobbing. They were searching across the world for someone who has never been to Thailand to host a documentary exploring the beautiful country seeing cities that have never been explored before. The only catch is that I can’t stay in a hotel, I have to live with locals the whole time. Throughout my adventure I’d be getting tips and suggestions of places “to go next” from the founders of DreamJobbing. I don’t have a set itinerary, I go with the flow and rely on the friends I make and people I meet to take me to the next destination. This is not a competition, there’s no wrong way to do this, it’s just a way to express how important “the journey” of this trip is not JUST the destination.

John, my Director of Photography for the documentary, and I at our first stop

There will be highs and lows, triumphs and trials, and LOTS of learning through this experience. Don’t worry, I have a crew of 7 professionals along with me making sure I’m safe and taking smart travel paths- I also have Thailand Insider helping me with this entire experience, sharing with me cities that are in need to be explored that have NEVER been seen my even THAI people!! Yours truly will be bringing these cities to you to help you with ideas on where you can see some of God’s most pure creations!

It will always hold a special spot in my heart. It's where I met my first Thai friends of this journey.
Nomchang means elephant milk in Thai. This was the cute crepe and coffee spot we stopped at first.

As I’m sitting here typing this I’m smiling my biggest and most sincere smile because it’s a realization that God read the words I’ve typed and written and listened to my thoughts and prayers.

Put out what you dream, say it out loud and even if people think you’re crazy, even if YOU think you’re crazy, well life is a little crazy. You’re just putting your personal touch on it.

I’ll be checking in here giving you updates on my journey! I hope this message brings light to your day today! From Bangkok to wherever you are, CHEERS TO THIS ADVENTURE!



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