• Libby Vincek

Hello again!

Hi blog!

Oh how I've missed you sweet outlet in my life.

I haven't blogged, vlogged, or even journaled in quite sometime. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I got so caught up in life and trying to do the next thing that I forgot why I started certain things in the first place. That's probably one of the reasons why I have a tough time finishing certain tasks. I get so caught up in the process that I forget the whole purpose of why I wanted to do it.

Here's your reminder to keep remembering why you began something. If you get distracted along the way or lose your reason for doing it, you may not keep going. Same goes for everything - fitness, nutrition, work, relationships, you have to not only love the process, but love your why!

Consistency and following through has always been an issue for me. I forget my why, I get super distracted from the other things that come up while in the process, and then I just say - ah I'll do it tomorrow, I'll start on Monday, blah blah blah. Well this blog isn't selling anything, it's not including a call to action, it's just a vent session to admit what is going on in, and just start back up on this random Thursday.

I hope that you know if you've stopped something you love or forgot about something you enjoyed doing, it's never too late to get back to it!



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