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Types of Training


Where do you start? By igniting the fitness flame. Moving your body is the first step. In this plan you will receive up to 4 strength training days along with a plan on what do on your active rest days. This plans holds you accountable to your training. Whether you workout 2 days a week or 6, you have accountability on the days you don't train. You're in it to when it even when you're basic. This does not include nutrition and habit training. This is only a plan for your to take with you into the gym or keep at home. I will customize this according to the equipment you have access to.


Feeling goods starts from within. Nutrition seems to be the final step to making a difference in feeling and looking good. We can show up for good workouts, but what are you using to fuel, recover and build from those workouts? How are you increasing your metabolism? How are your building muscle? Burning fat? Eating too much? Not enough? The list goes on. That's where I come in. With this plan, I'll help you answer those questions and help you exhale with ease. Nutrition and habit tracking are tools you can take you wherever you go!


This is the whole shabang! Libby at your service! Each month your plan of workouts planned according to your goals, lifestyle/travel schedule, a meal plan to help guide you along the way (personalized of course) habit tracking, a weekly call- if you'd like, and a monthly video chat (to catch up on how your month was, answer any questions you may have, and make changes to the current phase your in). Whether your goal is to make a body transformation, feel more confident in your skin, gain a healthier mindset, or have someone to take the confusion out of your health journey - I will design a program personalized to meet your specific goals, with enough variety to keep you on your toes.

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